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Welcome to Blue Ridge Construction

Based in Colorado Springs, Blue Ridge specializes in medium sized public works projects focused in southern Colorado.


About Us

Blue Ridge Construction, Inc. has been in operations since 1986. Blue Ridge is a general or prime contractor, and we contract projects through the open competitive bid process. We work exclusively with government agencies and municipalities such as the City of Colorado Springs, El Paso County, City of Woodland Park, CDOT, and City of Cripple Creek. Our strengths are preformed on urban construction projects that involve many aspects of rehabilitation to include water line lowerings, storm sewer installation and crossings, concrete flatwork, asphalt patching, concrete structures, and excavation/embankments. We are focused on creating cost effective ideas to provide the highest satisfaction for the project owners and the tax paying citizens. We pride ourselves on knowing that our success is a combined efforts in meeting the high standards required by government contracting.

We accept subcontractor bids for all work such as electrical, striping, asphalt paving, traffic control, and landscaping. Please contact us if you are interested in providing any pricing on upcoming projects.

Our History

The current controlling owner has been with the company since 1997. Based in Colorado Springs, Blue Ridge specializes in medium sized public works projects mainly focused in their home town. The company has developed concrete paving, concrete rehabilitation, excavation, pipe-laying/utility installation, bridges, structures, earthwork, proper execution and management as their areas of expertise.

Within the last 5 years, Blue Ridge has completed some high profile projects that included innovative systems. The Fillmore Corridor Improvements was completed successfully in a high traffic demand situation. Blue Ridge worked closely with the owner, inspectors, subcontractors, and land owners to provide an excellent final product to the City of Colorado Springs.

Other high profile projects included Vincent Road Phase 1 and 2 with a new underground waterline and roadways. Blue Ridge is currently working on projects dedicated with the 2C taxpayer approved monies. This includes repairing concrete along the roadways before the road is overlayed with new asphalt.

Our largest project to date is currently under construction: John Venezia Park. This park will include 3 free standing buildings, a multiuse field, a sprayground, a playground, a pavilion area, and multiple parking areas.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Blue Ridge Construction, Inc. is a commitment to high-quality, timely, safe, and effective projects in the Colorado Springs area in a continuous and profitable manner. To succeed in playing an increasingly dominant role in government contracting, our plan includes:

  • COMMUNICATION: Clear and direct communication between the Blue Ridge Construction team, Owner, Owner's Agent, Subcontractors and Suppliers is essential.
  • TEAMWORK: We develop team efforts between management, supervisors, labor and staff.
  • INNOVATION: We create new methods to enhance productivity, cost-effectiveness, and owner satisfaction.
  • TRAINING: We strengthen, develop, and motivate our forces through continual safety, technical, and managerial training.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We recognize that our success is dependent on our combined efforts in meeting the high standards of government contracting.
Project Photos

Project Photos

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